General Cleaning at Perdido Bay DentalTime and again, you are told that you need to visit the dentist routinely, twice a year at least. The recommendation is nothing new to you, but do you follow it? Some individuals will, but others are not as willing to be so precise. One would think that anyone who is interested in their oral health would at least want to know their status and make routine dental appointments so that they can be guided accordingly, but maybe that thought is not entirely true. Possibly, there are other factors at play preventing individuals from subscribing to this recommendation. This article aims to support the aforementioned recommendation by sharing important points about dental cleaning and the benefits it offers.

You may feel quite confident about the way you clean your teeth, and you may not see the importance of having a professional do it for you because you think nothing greater is achieved with a dental cleaning, but that is where you may be wrong. The saliva that circulates in your mouth contains calcium additional substances that aid in strengthening and protecting your teeth. Nonetheless, this saliva can also facilitate the formation of calcium deposits on your teeth. These deposits may be difficult to notice or easily recognized as it may carry the same color as your tooth, as well as it could be black or brown. It forms calculus or tartar overtime; this build-up creates an environment that is loved by bacteria, thus these microbes replicate easily and quickly.

Here at Perdido Bay Dental, we are adequately trained and equipped with special tools to remove the plaque and tartar that your personal brushing failed to remove in its entirety. When your teeth are cleaned professionally, they are left smooth and sparkling – you will feel brand new.

At a routine dental check-up, Dr. Djuric is usually the one who cleans your teeth. You get to sit comfortably in a special recliner chair while a professional cleans your teeth the way you never have before. A professional teeth cleaning typically involves flossing and polishing. With flossing, special tools are used to remove plaque and tartar, this is the first step. The dental hygienist then proceeds with polishing, which is where the client’s teeth are cleaned. After the cleaning, the dentist usually takes over and performs a thorough examination.

In further detail, here is the cleaning process: an ultrasonic device is used to make large pieces of tartar become loose by way of vibrations and a mist of cool water as it is maneuvered around your teeth by Dr. Djuric. “Scalers” and “curettes” are tools used to remove small tartar deposits from the teeth through gentle scraping. Such tools are pointed, sharp and curved, however, the procedure should not be painful if the tools are used appropriately. The plastic ones are available for use on dental implants, to prevent damage, but under normal circumstances, the metal tools are used. Following tartar removal, a special hand-held device is used to polish your teeth. This tool operates at a slow speed and carries a mushy, rubbery cup on the end that spins. A prophylaxis paste is put into the cup after which the device is run over the teeth (front and back), making them smooth and shiny. Fluoride may or may not be used; if used by your provider, it is applied over your teeth, either in the form of a gel or foam, for approximately 30 seconds. When the time has elapsed, you will be asked to expectorate as much as you can. The fluoride aides in giving strength to your teeth after the acids from bacteria caused weakening of the surfaces. Upon receipt of fluoride treatment, you will be asked to refrain from eating or drinking until 30 minutes have passed.

On average, a dental cleaning will take 30 to 60 minutes depending on your level of tartar and plaque build-up. Fear not, the cleaning does not hurt under normal circumstances. In the case of sore gum tissues and dentin exposure, discomfort may be encountered. Give your teeth another chance to sparkle. Make an appointment today if you have not recently had one.