If you need dentures, the type you get will depend on how many teeth you are replacing and where they’re going in your mouth. Dental implants are especially useful for people who are going to wear full dentures. This is because implants provide a foundation and support for the dentures, and something for the removable dentures to be basically snapped onto. This reduces the need for denture glues or other adhesives to keep them in place.

Implant-based Dentures

Implant-based dentures are more common on the lower jaw, as dentures are usually less stable there. Implants can also be used as a base for dentures that are actually bolted to the implants with titanium or another metal, meaning they cannot be removed at all. If a person has partial dentures, they sit on top of the gums and glue or adhesive is used to make sure they don’t move.

What’s Involved?

Getting implant-based dentures involves two procedures: one where the oral surgeon will place the implants into the jawbone, and then allow a few weeks or months to let the implant and the bone fuse together. The second surgery involves placing “collars” on top of the implant that will eventually hold the dentures. More healing follows and then dentures are fitted, either removable or permanent dentures. The pros of getting implant-supported dentures are added stability and no fear that your dentures will become loose or fall out. Hard or chewy foods can also be eaten without worry that they’ll jostle dentures. But the procedure involves multiple surgeries that take place over many months, with long healing processes.

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