It is a really hot day and you decide to have soda to quench your thirst because it is your daily intake to rejuvenate your energy. The one thing you might not know about the soda that you dearly love is that it is a primary enemy on the tooth enamel. It is one of the things that cause erosion of your dental enamel. At first, it starts out as a simple discomfort, and later on, it grows to become a seriously painful experience that you cannot ignore.

What causes enamel loss?

Acid is the public enemy of the enamel. Acid eats away the enamel over a period leaving the tooth to be vulnerable to any attack on the teeth. Did you know that the mouth produces acid? Some of the contributors of acid protection in the mouth include dry mouth, GI tract issues, genetic, acid reflux, aspirin or other acidic medicine, low flow of saliva and bruxism.

Apart from the acid in the mouth, how you brush your teeth also contributes to enamel loss. A hard brushing technique wears the enamel off, and you will soon have sensitive teeth. It’s not to say that you can prevent your teeth from experiencing enamel loss. Genetics is thing that you cannot run away from; apart from that utero can also be used to weaken enamel loss. Kids are also at risk when they are young. Mothers can cause their kids not to have strong teeth with bad habits when it comes to providing the needed nutrients or by other means. When this takes place, no matter what type of technique you use in reviving your tooth enamel, it won’t work.

Celiac, which is a condition in which the gut becomes repellant to gluten, is also another contributor of enamel erosion. It’s not clear as to how the disease affects tooth enamel erosion, but there is some studies and research going on about it.

Side Effects of Enamel Loss

There are some effects that are painful. Sensitive and discolored teeth are the most common amongst many people. Increase tooth decay cannot be ignored since the teeth do not have its protective coat towards sugars. The other side effect is the formation of shiny spots on the teeth, some people assume that the teeth are becoming shinier by the day, but the thing is, enamel erosion is getting the best of your teeth.

How to Repair Tooth Enamel

It is hard to replicate tooth enamel. Medically speaking, there are two major ways of treating the eroded teeth, tooth bonding, and tooth crown. When we talk about tooth bonding, this is a cosmetic procedure that creates a tint that matches your tooth. This tint is applied to the damaged tooth, and once the tooth hardens, it is bonded to the tooth, trimmed and polished to make you have a comfortable time after the procedure.

Another option we have mentioned is crowning. This is whereby, a crown is applied to a weak tooth that is damaged due to enamel loss. The work of the crown is to restore the function of the damaged tooth and enable you to continue with your life.

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