Dental laboratories usually work directly with dental professionals by producing a dental fixture for the patient. A dental laboratory, and its dental technicians, are a crucial part of a patient’s dental care and experience. Communication between the dental practice, and the laboratory, is also vital to guarantee the patient does not have any issues with their new treatment. This means you have a middle man relaying messages to the ones creating, or repairing, your new fixture Unfortunately, most dentists are still outsourcing the laboratory work needed.

No two mouths are the same, and each patient requires specific personal care. If a dentist has to outsource the fixtures you are needing, then they have to call, or email the lab to relay any messages or needs of the patient. This adds to the time it takes for you to get your new oral prosthetic and can cost you a lot more money in the end. As technology advances, so do processes and a lot of dental practices are turning to an onsite lab to give their patients the best oral care they can. So, there are many benefits to having an onsite laboratory. This is something you will need to look for when choosing a dentist.

Nothing like convenience done right the first time

If a dentist does not have an onsite lab, you will have to make multiple trips for fittings. This is so they can be sent to the offsite laboratory for adjustments after each fitting. However, with an onsite lab you may only have to wait one day for your fixture to be completed, because the technician can take modify or make the whole fittings all in one single appointment.

The lab technician is present to inspect the quality and ensure that it meets all the requirements for that specific patient. It also reduces the need for having to schedule a second appointment, as the change(s) can be made as soon as you inform them of an issue. It is much harder to support this level of customized treatment if the technician is not able to evaluate your concerns at that very moment. An onsite lab means your technician can talk with you face to face. If you have any concerns or questions, you can directly ask the technician that is working on your fixture.

 Quality dental work every time

When you have the laboratory on site, you know your dentist will have better control of your treatment from beginning to end. They can also ensure the high standard of quality the product and service provided by the lab, and staff, to their patients. Having all the technology at their fingertips, the technician can troubleshoot all issues and keep quality a standard. They can easily locate any problems, or future issues that may arise. This minimizes the risks of any errors or mistakes which, again, can cost you time and money.

If you’re located in the Perdido area and already have a dentist, it may be worth asking if they have an on-site lab. If you don’t have a dentist, we would love to have you as a patient. Click here to see what our patients have to say about Perdido Bay Dental.

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