In the field of implant dentistry, one thing that’s often not thought of by patients, but it crucial, is the importance of having an on-site lab. An on-site lab let’s the dentist have a  molds and implants custom made and then personally fit on-location, where any adjustments can be made without sending the implant to an off-site lab.

Dental laboratory technicians have special training in creating and customizing dental products such as crowns, caps, fillings, dentures, and implants.

If a dentist office uses an off-site lab, it can table a couple days for implants to get made. Here at Perdido Bay Dental, we have an on-site lab, where we can offer many custom fittings within 24 hours, without multiple appointments and uncomfortable temporary bridges or implants.

While convenient and less expensive for dentists, outsourcing to an outside lab can be a disadvantage for the patient. Patients may have to wait longer for their implant, especially if the fit is wrong or a mistake is made in the manufacturing process. Quality may also be compromised, as the dentist has no direct supervision over the creation of the implant and orders may be rushed through a lab that is churning out hundreds of restorations. Having a lab on-site with dental technicians can provide more personalized service. Lab techs can meet with a patient and look at their bite or see how they talk and their jaw moves, which can help them create a better fitting prosthesis. On-site technicians can also make adjustments on the spot when the implants are being fitted.

Because implants are replacing your actual teeth, making sure the fit, color, and bite of the teeth are comfortable is extremely important. Having to send implants back or get new ones made because the dentist uses an off-site lab can delay treatment and make the implant process uncomfortable and lengthy. While your implant is being placed and fitted, you can tell the dentist if something doesn’t feel right or if you think they don’t fit in naturally with the rest of your teeth, and the lab technician can immediately make changes to the implant to ensure you’re satisfied with your new implants.

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