Dentures are very delicate and should be handled and treated with proper care. It is best to avoid dropping them while cleaning them or handling them at all. You should brush and rinse dentures daily, but do not use toothpaste. Toothpaste creates microscopic scratches where plaque and food build up. Like normal teeth, dentures must be cleaned daily to remove plaque and food particles. Brushing helps to prevent permanent stains on dentures; it is best to use a brush with soft bristles that are made specifically for cleaning dentures. Using a rough bristled brush can damage dentures. Be gentle and clean all areas of the denture and take care not to harm the plastic. Rinse dentures after each meal.

There are denture cleaners available to provide proper and quality cleaning of dentures. Other options are mild dish washing liquids or hand soaps. Normal house hold cleaning detergents and most kinds of toothpaste are too harsh for dentures and it’s best to not use them. Special denture cleaners, like Ultrasonic cleaners, are available and provide deep cleaning for dentures.

When dentures are not being worn they need to be kept moist because they will dry out and lose form and shape. They should be placed in denture cleanser soaking solution or a cup of water. If the denture has metallic parts, those parts could rust if placed in the soaking solution. Also, a denture a no time should be placed in hot water.

Can I Repair Dentures?

Over time, you may have an issue with the feel of your dentures and feel the need to adjust them. You should never attempt to adjust your dentures on your own or bend any part of the clasp or metal parts by yourself as it can end up weakening the metal structure of the denture and permanently damage it. Self-repair kits permanently damage the frame of dentures and glues may contain chemicals not suitable for the mouth. When a denture doesn’t fit properly it will cause discomfort and irritation, possibly even sores within the mouth and gum.  If you notice your denture is damaged in any way, be sure to contact your dentist or get in touch with a dental lab. Did you know that Perdido Bay Dental has a full, in-house dental lab?

Denture Replacement

Over a period of time, your denture will suffer from wear and tear and need to be replaced. They may need to be realigned or rebased, possibly remade completely. If a denture needs to be realigned or rebased then the dentist will need to refit the denture base or create a new denture base completely, then reuse the current teeth if they are fine. The lifespan of dentures should be five to seven years before a full replacement is needed.

How Often Should I Visit the Dentist?

People with dentures should be advised by their dentist how often they should visit depending on the type of denture. Normally, the timespan should be roughly around six to eight months. Regular dentist checkups are very important to keep your dentures in tip top shape. Also, your mouth needs to be examined for other problems and to seek out signs of diseases.

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